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Respect for the environment

The environment is everything to us… and are we all for the environment?
Protecting the environment is always a good idea!

With the following we would like to remind you of something simple and at the same time essential to preserve our Mother Earth. We are certain that you, too, a lover of “Life in the Open Air”, will give your contribution to improve the quality of our lives and the future of our children.


Recycle and recycle more … kindness to others and our environment is paramount

  • and ensuring waste is disposed of properly should be a conscious gesture! Why separate rubbish? In order to recycle it, recycling saves energy resources!
  • Paper, cardboard and newspaper can be reused for the production of new boxes. Reusing tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, egg cartons and napkins … you can save entire forests!
  • Recycled plastic is used to build playgrounds, water pipes, carpets, sleeping bags, bottles and containers.
  • Even glass and recycled aluminum are reused to make new containers.Recycled materials are not lesser in quality than the original ones.
  • The Eco-Island with bins for recycling and organic waste is located near the camper service (n. 10 on the map).How to recycle at Eurcamping

Save water!

It is the most precious resource for all living beings but it is not an endless and so must not be wasted above all we must not pollute it. To our guests, we kindly ask you:

  • please do not let water run unnecessarily;
  • please do not leave the many taps at the camp running;
  • please make sure that you have turned off the taps and report any loss or failure to Management;
  • please do not stay in the shower longer than necessary;

Save electricity!

For everything to work, it needs energy: to produce, consume and transport cost a lot in terms of the environment and the improper use must be avoided where possible! To our guests, we kindly ask you:

  • not to waste hot water: it takes energy to produce it;
  • use appliances only when necessary (air conditioning, radio / TV, etc.);
  • remember to turn off the lights;

Respecting nature by camping!

Man belongs to the environment and it impoverishes those who degrade it. Keeping a clean and livable environment is the duty of all. How do we preserve it?

  • please do not abandon any type of waste outside of their proper container;
  • please do not abandon any type of waste outside of their proper container;
  • depositing store receipts, tissues, ice cream wrappers, cigarette butts and anything else in the bins and not lying around;
  • please do not attach clothes line or anything else to the plant life;
  • please do not disperse soapy water on the ground, in the gutters or against plants: there are sinks and appropriate sanitary facilities;
  • turn off the car when it is parked in front of the reception desk or on the pitch … to decrease air pollution!

Kit Green, 100% Clean Energy!

  • Our efforts to sustainable development has allowed us to get the Kit Green, 100% clean energy, an important award that have identified us as accommodation producer of pure energy. The Green kit is ruled by a manual that certifies our efforts to the environment and it is useful to communicate to our guests that we are daily commited to ensure a better future, that we adopt eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions and that we need the support of all of you to reduce the impact on the environment. The future is in your / our hands. our campaign at the ‘the Savage Butt’ (cigarette butts)

Stop “the Savage butt”!

  • Help us and do your bit to keep the beaches clean and ask for your personal ashtray and support us in the campaign against “the Savage butt.
  • Just because some ashtrays have sand in them, does not mean the sand is an ashtray.

 Our ISO 14001

  • We are always committed to use the best solution to ensure the environment protection, taking care of these targets each time we make a decision. The improvements of recent years led us to obtain not only the ISO 9001 Certificate,  for our welcoming procedures manual but also the ISO 14001 Certificate, that attests the compliance of the Environmental Management System laid down in the regulations.

Koobcamp rewards us with the Green 2023 Certificate of Excellence

  • Koobcamp’s portal, as part of the eighth edition of the Certificates of Excellence 2023, has selected the ten best italian camping villages in the category Green 2023, and EurCamping Roseto Concept Glamping  has won the title of Best Camping Village. This new Certificate of Excellence aims to promote and reward camping villages committed to sustainability and respect for the environment.


It is the responsibility of everyone, holidaymakers, citizens and businesses
to take an active part in protecting the environment, through the change of individual attitudes which,
in their small way, can make an active and significant contribution.

The environment thank you!

Don't waste water
Respect our beach
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