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Tirino, the cleanest river in Italy!

Excursions abruzzo   3 May 2021

The Tirino river and its valley is definitely one of the most important  natural treasure of the Abruzzo. The river’s source lies nearby Gran Sasso, in the water system of Campo Imperatore, and after a karst of 25km, it reaches the valley, carving the southern east edge of the mountain, just beside Morrone’s peak.

Not everyone knows that…

Did you know the Tirino is easily the clearest and cleanest river in Europe? The watercourse is joined by a moltitude of water micro springs situated on his river bed.

In fact, the rays of sun can get through the clear and shining water for many meters under the surface, as the photosyntesis process will be able to work even in the deepest areas. In the small village of San Martino in Capestrano, not far from L’Aquila, you can going up the river nearby Capodacqua springs, where you will have the chance to take a healthy bath in his fresh water. Hence, the valley is covered by a lush vegetation and hosts beautiful mallards and herons .

The crawfish is  another special inhabitant of the river, unfortunately very rare and therefore protected in the site. His presence is a  bioindicator” because of its sensitivity to changes and pollution, therefore it prospers in healthy areas.

In fact they’re very sensible about climate change and pollution. This is reason why they all live in a very healthy areas.

Don’t miss the chance to experience and discover this wonderfull  natural treasure.

There are many excursions waiting for you ! Such as?

For the bike’s lover we already suggested you amazing routes  in some of the most beautiful area of Abruzzo. Here as well you can enjoy stunning views by bike, along with many artistical, historical and cultural gems.

Alternatively you can relax and immerse yourself in the nature on a canoe trip. The river banks are full of white willow trees, giants black poplars and marshy reeds. Canoeing surrounded by this beautiful vegetation, sliding slowly on the water, passing through massive tree branches…These are just some of the marvelous activities you can experience in the Tirino River.

Take a look here at the activities.


Live an unforgettable experience in an astonishing natural site... just 90 km from Roseto degli Abruzzi!



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