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Verrigni pasta: Italian pride Made in Roseto

Excursions abruzzo   roseto   3 May 2023

There are many reasons, besides enjoying large open-air spaces, to come and visit us at Eurcamping for a regenerating holiday. One of these is definitely the location.

Roseto degli Abruzzi shines every summer and boasts clean beaches, pristine sea and lots of relaxation. We’re proud, in fact, to hoist both the blue and green flags. The first indicating the sustainable and bio-diverse quality of beaches, the second for their certified child-friendliness. Moreover, Roseto is close to ancient hilltop villages, natural reserves and other local gems considered a must-see.

Among these, it’s important to mention one of the most historic symbols of Roseto: the ancient Verrigni pasta factory. For those of you with a keen eye, on your way to Eurcamping it’s possible to spot the  factory on the highway exit: the company, which looks like a simple building, is right there in front of you.


The company was founded 120 years ago, in 1898, by Luigi Verrigni; a small craftsman who supplied the aristocratic families of the then Rosburgo (later to become Roseto) with his homemade pastas.

The factory deservedly began to gain more and more praise for the quality of its pasta. This is thanks to refined techniques, such as the grinding of grains on stone; but also the use of bacteriologically pure waters of the Gran Sasso and drying methods on bamboo canes.

Becoming more and more famous, the success was such that Luigi’s son, Gaetano, began to experiment new drying techniques, through the use of ventilated dressing rooms to favor the ideal temperature.

A constant passion and dedication to the craft, which are still proudly carried out today with respect for tradition and search for innovation, making Verrigni pasta one of those stories that make our country great, conquering the palates of the whole world.

verrigniA “golden” pasta

Always keeping the traditional recipe intact, in fact, the processing of pasta has modernized in recent years; the most decisive novelty contributing to the  quality of the product is the choice of the gold cutting, thanks to the collaboration with goldsmith Sandro Seccia.

By gold cutting we mean the passage of the dough into a machine, called trafila, which gives the pasta its shape. The pasta is then dried at 50 ° in mobile fitting rooms for a time of up to three days.

This unique processing in close contact with gold gives pasta a new porosity and greater crispness and fragrance, releasing less starch. Ideal qualities always sought after by the most expert chefs.

With dozens of different pasta shapes, from traditional to organic, Verrigni has earned international certifications such as the Demeter. This confirms the passion for natural quality thanks to the bio-dynamic methods used during production.

Today the Verrigni pasta company is a reference point in the world for lovers of the so called Made in Italy, making us proud to be part of this small, large piece of Roseto history.

So, if you wish to buy some of this delicious pasta, you just need to take a look at shop at the company’s entrance. Verrigni is less than 3 km away from us!

Did you know?

This lovely and unmistakable pasta has conquered national and international starred restaurants. In fact, it often happens to spot “Verrigni” on menus. The company is also a partner in a well-known culinary competition TV show.


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