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Eurcamping: health and safety on holidays are important

News abruzzo   12 Mar 2020

Recently, we have learned even more the importance of prevention and common sense towards delicate and potentially dangerous situations for our health and safety. Eurcamping has always had common sense! In response to the coronavirus, we have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas amd taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous.

Therefore, we can ensure our clients that lodges and common surfaces are sanitised with bleach and alcool-based detergents. Also, they’re great alleys according to Iss ( National Institute of Health ) to neutralize microorganisms and prevent human viruses.

Besides surfaces, also waters are under scrutiny. Most importantly, this has the aim of defending ourselves against “legionella”. Legionella is a bacteria commonly spreading through airborne water droplets. Easily contracted by the respiratory system, it represents a health risk because it’s not only in our homes. As a result, the risk of infection is higher during overnight stays away from home at 10%.

This Gram-negative bacteria manifests in wet environments and proliferates in poorly sanitized water areas. Therefore, untreated surfaces and old plants can become a source of danger. In this regard, the European community is taking action against this disease and Eurcamping is proud to follow the Prevention Guidelines. The strict rules dictated by the Ministry of Health grant customers total safety and prevention against legionella. And all of this thanks to the use of 100% biodegradable biocides that eliminate the risk of infection!

Eurcamping has always cared for cleanliness and safety, so as to make your holidays peaceful and legionella-free!

Healthy holiday, happy life!

The quality of your holiday is important: Eurcamping, health first


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