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Sustainability and ecotourism: the combination that will change the future.

News sustainability   5 Oct 2017

The idea of climate change gently lingering in our homes is not distant. By distant we mean “far from our possibilities” or for those who prefer a more direct expression, “out of our reach”. Ecology and ecotourism seem to be an important matter only within institutional buildings, such as Brussels or in the Glass Palace; for this reason, it’s reserved for political representatives of neighbouring nations. Among which there is always – according to public opinion – someone taking the blame more than the others.

More and more frequently you hear of ecotourism and/or sustainable tourism, two definitions that contain a new way of travelling, aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment and paying attention to the recycling of materials. But what does it mean?

The first keystone is travelling consciously:  moving is not only a means to reach our destination, but it is already the beginning of our holiday. That’s why taking more time to reach our destination becomes a pleasure rather than a drawback.

The second step towards eco-sustainability lies in the choice of the tour operator. There are several certifications that guarantee the sustainability of the accommodation. The list of criteria that validate the brand is rich and concerns not only sustainability but also attention to the cultural and socio-economic aspects of the area of reference.

The eco-sustainable tourist should know the practices that are fundamental to reduce their own environmental impact.

There are many sites on the web where you can find useful information on the subject, among these we point out Holiday Extras where you can find other interesting links.

Eurcamping has been interested in ecological issues for years now, in particular, 2017 was the year in which we obtained the ISO 14001 certification. Our website has a section entirely dedicated to ecology: from energy saving to the conscious differentiation of waste, passing through respect for the environment which sees responsibility and civic education of the citizen as the very first aspect.


Through the smallest everyday life choices, we can give a new direction to the future of our land. For this reason Eurcamping wants to be a direct protagonist of this reality and its growth.

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