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Sweets from Abruzzo: Easter Pizza

Recipes abruzzo   easter   recipes   9 Mar 2020

We keep on telling you the traditional recipes of Abruzzo and this time we focus on Easter: the Easter Pizza.
The name might mislead you into thinking of a flat bread, actually it looks much more like a cake.
It’s a dessert that requires a long rising split into three steps, the use of sourdough is necessary.

 The history of this cake dates back to ancient times, it is eaten on Easter morning and the tradition says to bless the Easter Bread in church before eating it.

Quantity for 3 pizzas 600g

4 eggs
100g of seed oil
500g of flour
200g sugar
100ml warm milk
1 glass of limoncello or aniseed essence

for sourdough:
200g flour
120ml water
10g fresh yeast

Making it

Making the sourdough is the first step: put the flour in a bowl, melt the yeast in warm water and mix well. Let it stand for an hour and a half.

Once the yeast is formed, add the warm milk, the oil, the eggs, the sugar, the limoncello (or anise) and the flour. Work everything vigorously to get a smooth dough, letting it rest overnight.
In the morning, knead the dough again and divide it into 3 parts of 600 grams which will be placed in paper forms. Leave to rest for another 3-4 hours.
Finally, bake it in a preheated oven at a temperature of 160 ° for 40-45 minutes.

Did you know?

It is a typical dish of central Italy and there are several versions, both sweet and savory. In some areas it is also called Easter cake or cheese pizza.

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