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Battle against cigarette butts! Keep your beach clean with CiKKo

News abruzzo   25 Jul 2019

Dear friends of Eurcamping, our village has already shown on several occasions its commitment to the environmental cause and the sustainability of the beautiful spaces around us. We are happy to make our customers part of this mission as recognized by our certificates that guarantee you 100% clean energy, energy efficiency and above all ecological solutions.

Help us to keep beaches claen

In this regard, we have added a special object to our environmental kit, simple and of daily use, to make your holiday even more enjoyable. What is it? It’s called “Cikko“, and it is a pendant of about 9 cm for the containment of very small waste like, as suggested by its name, cigarette butts.

According to investigations, cigarette butts pollute the water much more than straws and plastic bags do, causing a huge amount of waste to end up in the sea with worrying consequences. Everyone is a victim of this: fishes, birds and the many creatures that inhabit our beaches. Us included!

But how can we stop this phenomenon? Very simple. CiKKo is really handy, you can always carry it with you in your pocket, or hang it around your neck, and it is also hermetic as well as reusable. It can contain and switch off up to 7 butts in a few seconds without releasing unpleasant odors. And it is 100% Made in Italy.

With this small but extremely practical pendant, the beautiful nature of Abruzzo and our child-friendly beaches will always be free from dirt and ready to welcome you.

Battle against cigarette butts.
Help us and give your contribution to keep our beaches clean by asking for your personal CiKKo ashtray, and support the campaign against “the wild butt” with us.
Just because some “ashtrays” are filled with sand it doesn’t mean that “sand = ashtray”!

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