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Ravioli with ballalà and crowfish in cooperation with Restaurant Porto Rose.

Recipes 6 Apr 2015

We have already had the opportunity to tell you about traditional Abruzzo cuisine, its richness and varieties: meats (especially lamb), pasta, sweets and a number of fish dishes. And the fish is the hero of today’s recipe, implemented in collaboration with Raffaele Longo, the owner and chef of the restaurant Porto Rose in Roseto degli Abruzzi, located a few steps away from our campsite.

Is there a better place where you can enjoy some delicious fresh fish than a restaurant located in the harbor? Porto Rose is a small and cozy restaurant placed on the premises of the sailing club Vallonchini at tourist port in Roseto. This place will amaze you with the quality of the fish dishes and the care for its presentation.  In the summer you can try a delicious “aperitivo” for dinner, accompanied by great live music.

Among the dishes that you can taste, in addition to a number of appetizers, delicious dumplings gnocchi with crawfish and delightful tuna grilled on a cast iron plate, there are also ravioli with baccalà and crawfish, the recipe of which is presented below:

Filling ingredients:

(for 4 persons)

200 g baccalà (dried cod)
200 g crawfish
300ml milk
orange peel



Soak baccalà and fry it in a pan with olive oil, milk, clove of garlic and, if necessary, oil.
Fry over low heat until the milk evaporates. Remove garlic from the pan and chop the baccalà with a fork.
Remove crawfish’s shell, cut veins. Fry them in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil, then chop (not too finely).
Connect baccalà and crawfish, add a dash of thyme and a little been of orange peel.
Leave everything to cool before preparing ravioli.

When it comes to preparing the dough, you can use the classic recipe for homemade pasta. Besides, each chef has their secrets and Raffaele is no exception.

You can also try the ravioli made by him in the restaurant Porto Rose in Roseto degli Abruzzi. 🙂

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