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Outdoor fitness trail

outdoor fitness trail

We encourage a healthy lifestyle at Camping Village ‘Eurcamping’ and regular exercise is a key part of that for every man and woman!

Our Open Air Wellness follows 15 stages to being fit and healthy, a fun and effective daily exercise program that simultaneously develops power, agility and endurance.

There are clear instructional and motivational signs explaining in detail, how to perform each exercise in the correct manner and how many repetitions should be done, depending on age and fitness level. The stations are designed for running at a low to medium speed, while breathing deeply. This training strengthens the cardiovascular system which allows you to burn calories at a high rate.

Following each stage from first to last will provide you with a complete exercise program that involves all areas of the body harmoniously and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Taking one’s time is always important in sport or exercise and we advise our guest to know their limits.

Exercises for body and mind!


Gym path
Gym path
Gym path
Gym path
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