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Open Cellars 2023: Wine in a wineyard is the best!

Events abruzzo   wine   10 May 2023

Also in 2023, the Italian tradition “Cantine Aperte” ( Open cellars ) is renewed, with Abruzzo as protagonist. But what is it about? It’s a wine tourism event that finds its thirtieth renewal this year, as tradition, on the last sunday of May.
The most renowned Italian wine cellars welcome wine lovers from all over Europe to reveal the secrets of vinification and taste the best glasses.

Enjoy a weekend of tranquillity and lightheartedness, discover the open spaces of Abruzzo’s best wineries ready to welcome you not only with their best wines and a smile, but also with the utmost professionalism and responsibility with respect to the delicate moment in history.

The purpose of the Wine Tourism Movement is to enhance wine producing territories by promoting a natural lifestyle and mantaining excellent hospitality. In fact, in 2003 the Movement issued the “Decalogue of Reception”, a set of guidelines companies must follow. From proper signing to suitability, to preparation of the personnel and the information material provided to visitors.

So, on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 of May 2023, wine enthusiasts will be able to choose among the many “cantine aperte” of each region. Our beautiful Abruzzo offers a varied range of options.
The province of Teramo counts 14 active wineries: Tenute Cerulli Spinozzi, Cantina Bossanova,  Cantina Di Ubaldo,  Cantina Mazzarosa,  Cantina Ruggieri, Cantina Centorame, Emidio Pepe, Faraone Vini, Monti, San Lorenzo, Tenuta Antonini, Tenuta Morganti, Vaddinelli e Azienda Agribio Stefania Pepe.

Eurcamping invites you to: “raise your glasses”, because a wine in the vineyard has a completely different flavor!


Map of the camping
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