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Our herbs garden…made in Propezzano

our herbs garden
News eurcamping   20 Mar 2021

Among the many surprises and nuances Eurcamping offers, there’s a corner of peace and relaxation, where campers can plunge into the beauty of scents. We’re talking, in fact, of one of the latest news of last year: our characteristic herbs garden.

What is a herbs garden? It’s a green space with a wide variety of aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, to rediscover their importance in our folk traditions and in daily uses.


Just a short walk from the playground area, our garden is the result of the dedication of the Santa Maria di Propezzano farm, which has chosen us as its business card. A true corner of paradise at Eurcamping.

herbs gardenThe farm is located near the stunning Abbey of Santa Maria, a suggestive Romanesque monument, just 5 km from the A14 motorway exit; in a rich landscaping area, the valley of the Vomano river. A place of knowledge and relaxation, where Mother Nature can still amaze us with its beneficial “fruits”.

A characteristic product, in fact, made by the garden of Propezzano, is that of aromatic waters, also called hydrolates.

What are they? These floral waters are distilled extracts from certain types of plants. The distillation (using steam) is made using the “fresh”, non-dried plant; so to produce aromatic waters that preserve the plant’s original properties. They’re extremely beneficial for our well-being, a cure-all for health and beauty; in fact, being more delicate than essential oils (also obtained from distillation of herbs), they can be applied directly on the skin without problems.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Talking about natural remedies, did you know that eucalyptus essential oil has many therapeutic uses? It’s an effective antiseptic, antiviral and febrifugal, particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. Considered the tree with a thousand uses for the treatment of colds, air and room disinfection and more. In addition, diluted in baths or in warm packs, it helps wounds and burns heal; a few drops in shampoo fight dermatitis; baths and frictions are effective to relieve muscle and rheumatic pains. Finally, eucalyptus oil is also a friend for our psyche. Breathing its scent helps us feel carefree and calm, boosting vitality thanks to the effect of its pungent aroma on the lungs.

Eurcamping boasts a decades-long presence of these splendid plants. With pride and satisfaction we informe you that the pruning of our eucalyptus plants was given to the Propezzano farm, to extract essential oils and aromatic waters.


Thanks to this piece of heaven of the Mediterranean scrub flora, we’re glad to offer a space where you can benefit from aromatic herbs, like in peasant culture and popular medicine.
Ideal for many uses, such as flavor a tasty roast in our equipped BBQs; precious tonics for the skin and natural deodorants; but also repellent insecticides (e.g. geranium); as well as mouthwashes and excellent for sunburns and so on. All this, to rediscover their value that orginates in the ancient traditions and popular customs.

For those inspired by our characteristic garden, wanting to take a guided tour of the Propezzano farm, just take a look at the map at entering the garden. Just 10 km away from us, it is also easily accessible for bicycle lovers.

Map of the camping
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