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Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
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Taste of Abruzzo: the flavours that never leave you, wherever you are!

News abruzzo   eurcamping   taste   11 May 2018

Farming to tell is the slogan chosen by Cinzia Basile’s Mancini farming company, to promote the flavours of Abruzzo and taste its character. For three generations the tradition has been renewed, and the Basile family alternates between the guide and care of the company. The land is the protagonist both as the mother of its fruits and as a marvellous frame of the breathtaking panoramas surrounding the National Park of the Gran Sasso and the Monti della Laga.

Flour, pasta, extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables, grapes and cereals are the products that characterize the company’s range, which is also made of delicacies such as jams, oil and vinegar and tomato sauce. In particular, the speciality of 2017/2018 is spelt flour – which became the protagonist of the original Cantucci and Parrozzo recipes, renamed by Cinzia as Ferrucci and Farrozzo – making it the flagship product of the company’s production.

The Mancini Farm not only produces delicacies and preserves traditions, but it is also a place where the concept of sustainability is a priority. The methods have been strengthened so that they become more and more sustainable every day. Among these, there is, for example, drip irrigation which consists in obtaining the resource from rainwater collected in an artificial basin. This way, not only is water resources saved, but labour and costs are optimized. There are also certification procedures that fully formalize the company’s organic regime. This is clearly a common point of view that the Mancini farm shares with Eurcamping: attention to the environment and the desire to earn certifications which witness our commitment.

For all lovers of Abruzzo flavours who live far from us, there is important news: the Mancini farm has an online purchase/shipment service. It is possible to place an order either by phoning or by writing an e-mail, but also by leaving a message in the dedicated section within the website. Therefore, for anyone, Italian or not, the flavours of Abruzzo have never been so close.

Visit the website and discover the delicacies signed Made in Italy-Taste of Abruzzo!

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