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Recipe for ‘mazzarelle teramane’

Recipes 2 Dec 2016

The cuisine derived from the town of Teramo in Abruzzo region has a very rich culinary traditions about which we have already mentioned before. Among the many dishes typical for this province you can find a special recipe, which may sound really tasteless for many people.

Put aside your culinary prejudices and trust us. If you have the opportunity to visit the province of Teramo, don’t miss this excellent taste.

We are talking about ‘Mazzarella teramane’, the lamb offal roulade wrapped in lettuce leaves (or endive). It’s the first course (although it’s often regarded as the second), which was served mainly during the Easter dinner.

The preparation isn’t difficult, but it requires proper and skilled offal cleaning. In order to completely clean the tripe we have to roll them in flour and squeezed at least three times.


-lamb offal (tripe, liver, and heart)

-fresh bacon

-a bunch of young garlic (or onion)

-1 bunch of parsley

-a few leaves of lettuce


-salt and pepper


Wash all aromatic herbs and dry them with a cloth.

After cutting the tripe along with a sharp knife, wash them several times in water with salt and vinegar.

Cut heart and liver into stripes, wash it well and put into a colander.

Select nice, wide leaves of lettuce and put heart, liver, fresh bacon, parsley, marjoram and garlic stem on it.

Close the lettuce like the envelope and wrap it with tripe, previously washed and sliced.

Boil roulades for ten minutes.

Fry garlic on olive oil, put roulades and pour them with white wine. Simmer it until the end of cooking.

Serve hot.

Interesting fact:

Like all dishes with long tradition, it also causes hot debates on how its original version looked like. There are those, who would like it served ‘in bianco’, that is lightly fried, which emphasizes the taste, and those, who would prefer it simmered in creamy sauce with lamb.

But let’s forget about the different points of view … ‘in bianco’ or in a sauce, you have to try it! 🙂

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